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Tom Rogers Criticizes Romney's Use of Debt


With the Republican primaries in full swing, speculating on our future president is no longer left to political junkies and talking heads. Our own Tom Rogers (Class of ‘72) recently joined the fray with a critical article in Politico questioning Mitt Romney’s background in venture capitalism. 



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Ross Greenburg Revitalizes NHL Coverage at NBC

After ESPN dropped the NHL (following the 2004-05 lockout) the NHL was forced to work with the relatively unknown Outdoor Life Network, and hockey fans were largely left out in the cold.

But thanks to Scarsdale alum Ross Greenburg (class of ‘73) and the rest of the team at NBC Sports Network, coverage is finally improving once again, with the network airing nearly twice as many games as last year.



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Eugenie Lang Rosenthal's Let's Get Ready wins $500,000 prize

We recently had a chance to inaugurate our newest class of Distinguished Alumni and one of the inductees, Eugenie Lang Rosenthal Class of ‘96, is making headlines with her organization Let’s Get Ready.


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Nan Aron '66 Comments on Recent Politics

Most of you have probably heard about President Obama’s controversial decision to make a number of recess appointments, but Scarsdale High School alum Nan Aron (class of ‘66) has been asked by a number of news organizations to weigh in on the issue.

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Dr. Peskin Tierney (class of '60) publishes "Dignifying Dementia"

Dr. Elizabeth Jane Peskin Tierney, class of 1960, publishes her latest book, Dignifying Dementia: A Caregiver’s Struggle (Oak Tree Press), is the most personal; it was written to support caregivers and to remind members of the healthcare field how important compassion can be.

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Robert Dodenhoff '74 Publishes “The Man Test”


Robert Dodenhoff, Class of ’74, has just published “The Man Test” (Sourcebooks, Inc, Chicago, Ill.  Copyright 2001).  “The Man Test” is an essential and comprehensive guide (eight chapters) containing the information every man should learn and master:


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You Are Invited to the 2011 Scarsdale Distinguished Alumni Awards

The Scarsdale alumni community is invited to attend the 2011 Distinguished Alumni Awards on Nov. 5th. We are honoring the following alumni...


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Ellen Weiss Becomes Executive Director at the Center for Public Integrity

Ellen Weiss (class of ‘77) has recently been named as the executive editor at the Center for Public Integrity, one of the largest non-profit investigative news organizations in the country after leaving NPR earlier in the year.



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Aaron Sorkin Remembers Steve Jobs

The passing of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has seen a national outpouring of emotion, with people from all walks of life talking about the impact that the man and his inventions had on their lives. Scarsdale’s own Aaron Sorkin (class of ‘79) wrote about his own connection to Jobs in a recent Newsweek article.



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Nicole Eisenman To Participate In A New SFMoMA Exhibit

Nicole Eisenman, Scarsdale High Class of ‘83, has been invited to take part in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s (SFMoMA) upcoming exhibit, The Air We Breathe, displaying the work of thirty visual artists and eight poets exploring the subject of equal rights for same-sex couples, particularly in regards to same-sex marriage.

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