Board Nominations & Opportunity

Board Seat Available
Submit nominations to Yvette Chaskel at [email protected] to be distributed to the board.

Board Responsibilities

• Attend all board and committee meetings and functions, such as special events. (We hold around 4 committee meetings per year)
• Be informed about the organization's mission, services, policies, and programs.
• Review agenda and supporting materials prior to board and committee meetings.
• Serve on committees or task forces and offer to take on special assignments.
• Make a personal financial contribution to the organization.
• Inform others about the organization.
• Suggest possible nominees to the board who can make significant contributions to the work of the board and the organization.
• Keep up-to-date on developments in the organization's field.

Personal characteristics
• Ability to: listen, analyze, think clearly and creatively, work well with people individually and in a group.
• Willing to: prepare for and attend board and committee meetings, ask questions, take responsibility and follow through on a given assignment, contribute personal and financial resources in a generous way according to circumstances, open doors in the community, evaluate oneself.
• Develop certain skills if you do not already possess them, such as to: cultivate and solicit funds, cultivate and recruit board members and other volunteers.
• Possess: honesty, sensitivity to and tolerance of differing views, a friendly, responsive, and patient approach, community-building skills, personal integrity, a developed sense of values, concern for your nonprofit's development, a sense of humor.