Aaron Sorkin Remembers Steve Jobs

The passing of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has seen a national outpouring of emotion, with people from all walks of life talking about the impact that the man and his inventions had on their lives. Scarsdale’s own Aaron Sorkin (class of ‘79) wrote about his own connection to Jobs in a recent Newsweek article.



Apparently Aaron once told a reporter, “Everything I’ve ever written, I’ve written on a Mac,” and Jobs called him to thank him for the support. They traded occasional calls over the years, and Steve Jobs tried to persuade Aaron to write a film for Pixar, though the project never came to fruition.

Aaron Sorkin first made a name for himself when his play A Few Good Men was adapted into a hugely successful film. He has since writtenSports NightThe West Wing among many others. Aaron’s most recent screenplay, The Social Network, earned him an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay.

Although he admits that the two men didn’t know each other very well, Aaron can only conclude that Jobs must have been “an awfully nice man.” You can check out the full article here, to read Aaron’s full account of his warm "phone friendship" with the late Steve Jobs.