Nan Aron '66 Comments on Recent Politics

Most of you have probably heard about President Obama’s controversial decision to make a number of recess appointments, but Scarsdale High School alum Nan Aron (class of ‘66) has been asked by a number of news organizations to weigh in on the issue.

Acting in her capacity as the president of the Alliance for Justice, Nan said “The President's action today should not have been necessary, but it was precipitated by months of unremitting obstruction,” referring to the four recess appointments.

Nan founded the Alliance for Justice in 1979 has built it into an influential association involving over 100 public interest and civil rights organizations. AFJ's Judicial Selection Project has been particularly active in monitoring the nomination and confirmation of federal judges. This branch of the AFJ is credited as being one of the main groups that worked to defeat Robert Bork’s Supreme Court nomination in 1987.

In addition to her work through AFJ, Nan has worked as an attorney for the ACLU and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, taught law at Georgetown and George Washington University, and lectured around the country. She also wrote Liberty and Justice for All: Public Interest Law in the 1980s and Beyond and has been consulted by everyone from The Wall Street Journal to Vanity Fair

Whatever you think of the President’s decision, it’s great to see the media turn to a fellow SHS alum for expert opinion. You can read the rest of the article here.