Eugenie Lang Rosenthal's Let's Get Ready wins $500,000 prize

We recently had a chance to inaugurate our newest class of Distinguished Alumni and one of the inductees, Eugenie Lang Rosenthal Class of ‘96, is making headlines with her organization Let’s Get Ready.


Let’s Get Ready, a non-profit dedicated to improving access to college through SAT prep and other forms of assistance won second place at the first CHASE American Giving Awards, netting them $500,000 in funding. Let’s Get Ready’s executive director estimated that this would allow them to put an additional 2,000 low-income students through their college prep program.

Explaining why she was moved to create Let’s Get Ready, Eugenie said, "There are many kids who want to attend college and are able, but the process is complex [...] By helping kids through that critical, intricate dance right at the end of high school, you not only change heir lives, you can re-write the story of their families for generations."

Let’s Get Ready now has 63 branches serving over 2,500 low-income students with the help of college volunteers; over 90 percent of those students go directly to college after high school. And this is truly a success that the whole community can be proud of, as many Scarsdale residents work with Let’s Get Ready as tutors, mentors, board members and more.

For more information about Let’s Get Ready’s prize, check out this article, or go here for a slightly older interview with Eugenie about the organization. And for those of you who couldn't make it, you can watch the entire 2011 Distinguished Alumni induction on our website.