You Are Invited to the 2011 Scarsdale Distinguished Alumni Awards

The Scarsdale alumni community is invited to attend the 2011 Distinguished Alumni Awards on Nov. 5th. We are honoring the following alumni...



Leslie Cannold ’83
Author,  commentator, ethicist,  activist.
Her quote in Bandersnatch gives more  than a hint of Leslie in the future.  It begins, “To have a reason to get up in the morning, it is necessary to possess a guiding  principle.”  Today she is one of leading thinkers in Australia  with a regular stint on ABC  Sydney and Brisbane.  She is a Senior Lecturer  at the Monash Institute of Health Services and an energetic  writer  of opinion pieces  on feminist concerns as they affect  the issue of the day.

John Dyson ’61
Businessman,  creative  thinker. 
In John Dyson’s senior  year, the opening lines of the Bandersnatch began, “Scarsdale High School is life in miniature. “ The Senior Section of Bandy was far more accurate, referring to Dyson’s mathematical and agricultural interests.  “He fidgets with digits this  math-minded man,  whose hope is to cope with the farm surplus plan.”  Dyson combined his interests   in politics with his creative side when he designed the “I Love New York” slogan.  A lso Chairman of Milbank and Tweed Corporation Management.

Glenn Kramon  ’71 
Journalist,  Assistant Managing Editor of the New York Times. Glenn has been overseeing major reporting projects for more than a decade. Reporters working under his editing supervision have won eight Pulitzer Prizes, and have been finalists for the Pulitzer 22 times.


Max Krohn  ’95
Founder of OKcupid,  Sparknotes, and TheSpark.   Max has been an academic superstar earning a Phi Beta Kappa and summa cum laude from Harvard College  and a PhD in Computer Science from M.I.T..  He recently sold Okcupid to



Jay Lalezari ‘77 
Devoted his life to discovering the roots of AIDS.     Does research as Director of Quest Clinical Research in San Francisco.  Runs dozens of clinical trials, 23 now. Including ones on AIDS and hepatitis, Herpes Simplex, and Human papilloma virus.

Herbert Krosney ’55
Writer and award-winning documentary filmmaker specializing in investigative and historical projects. He is the author of the new National Geographic book, The Lost Gospel: The Quest for the Gospel of Judas Iscariot. As a filmmaker with more than 30 years' experience, he has worked for BBC, PBS, The History Channel and CBC (Canada).
Ethan Nadelmann ’75
Political activist.
Ethan’s  Senior quotation in the school yearbook gives little hint about his very serious academic side.  “Life is just one big joke. It was never meant to be taken seriously.”  He taught at Harvard and Princeton and then left the academic world, becoming the Founder and Executive Director of the Drug Policy Alliance.  Nadelmann is regarded as the most articulate spokesman  for drug policy reform in the U.S.

Dan  O’Brien  ’92
A decade ago when Dan O’Brien was asked for a word of wisdom by the staff of the Bandersnatch,  Dan responded, “Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.”  Imagination he must have in spades winning the Osborn  Award presented by the  American Theatre Critics, the  Mark Twain Comedy Writing Award, and a play “The Dear Boy,” based in large part on a veteran Scarsdale High School teacher.

Eugenie Lang Rosenthal ’96

Social Activist.  
“Let’s Get Ready” founder. Genie has a drive that is masked by her wit and charm.  Her Bandy quote is quite tongue in cheek, but it captures her nonetheless.  “What? Only ten lines?  Are they kidding me?”  Now she has many lines, all of them directed toward helping young people from communities far less fortunate than Scarsdale  get a shot at college.

Yuki Sonoda ’79 
Business woman, Psychologist.  
Introduced Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to Japan and played an important role helping its citizens heal  following the 2001 earthquake.  Today, Yuki is recognized in Japan as an expert in her field.  Her status as a successful business woman in Japan is rare.  During her years at Scarsdale, not easy ones for sere, she cited one teacher who helped her reach her potential, Len Tallevi.

Elisabeth Stock ’86
Founder of Computers for Youth which gets computers in the hands of students who otherwise would have no access to them.  How this for her Bandy quote, “ There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable.”  Elisabeth was also a White House Fellow.

James Traub ’72 
Journalist—writer Sunday New York Times Magazine
Author of  ten books including City on a Hill on CCNY and Best Intentions on Kofi Annen.  For years Jim  has participated in Writing Day at the Middle School.  His Bandy quote did not help him get a job at the Times. 
“Love is the botulism in the cold Vichyssoise of life.” 

Event Details
Saturday, November 5th 2011 at 10AM at the Scarsdale High School (@ the new library).

Dress code: Business Casual

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