Class Representatives

Meet Your Class Representatives!

  • Class representatives are the point of reference for their class.
  • All tasks assigned to SAA Class Representatives are completely voluntary and we thank them for their support.

Class Representatives

1941 Helen Fleder
1948 Barbara Robertson Mitchell
1952 Barbara Bodden
1954 Nancy Philipps
1955 Rankin, E. Daniels
1957 Nancy Heilpern Gordon
1964 James Glover
1966 Joanne Linowes Alinsky
1969 Steven Shmerler
1970 Patricia Drazin
1974 Therese Ann Arbeit
1975 Dorinda Palladino
1979 Susan Sterman-Jones
1980 David Wachs
1983 Andrew Stern
1992 Elizabeth Talley
1993 Jed Silverstein
1999 Carolyn Frederick


If you would like to be a class representative - please read below:

The following are the two most important tasks of the SAA Class Representative:

To Ensure Fellow Classmates are Represented in the Alumni

The priority of the SAA Class representative is to ensure that every fellow class alumni is represented in the SHS Alumni community. Our website requires alumni to register with a Unique Community ID. It is very important that all fellow classmates receive their respective IDs in order to take advantage of everything that our team of dedicated alumni volunteers have worked on to offer the Scarsdale Alumni community through the new website.

To be Familiar with the SAA and to Offer Feedback as to How to Further Improve it

It is very helpful to the community as a whole if the SAA Class Representative is aware of the latest offerings the association has for the alumni community and suggest ideas for events, benefits or anything that might come to mind that might make the association more helpful, informative, and fun for the alumni community.

Class representative also have access to post on the SAA website news or stories that fellow classmates might want to share, or events that they might be hosting and want to invite fellow class mates or the alumni community to attend.

We welcome new ideas and encourage our members to actively participate.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of becoming a SAA Class Representative or want to nominate a class representative for your year or to become one yourself, please email us at [email protected].