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Suzanne Nossel '86 - Exec. Director Amnesty International

Nossel, 42, took over as executive director of Amnesty International USA in January. In an interview with The Advocate this week, she discussed how human rights advocacy can be advanced and abused.

‘When you have a system that singles out one country … that objectivity isn’t there.’ Suzanne Nossel understands what happens when human rights are overlooked, ignored, and trampled. She understands because she’s worked her entire professional life to protect those rights. But there is another reason.

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"The Secret History of Scarsdale" by Tom Quirk' 82

This article is a part of a series Tom Quirk, Class of 1982, is calling "The Secret History of Scarsdale." More articles are available at
This story is from the early sixties, and involve SHS alumni and their parents.
In March 1962 a benefit to raise money for the Freedom Riders was held at Scarsdale High School. Pete Seeger, Ossie Davis, and Ruby Dee performed. The New York Times reported, “[A] racially mixed crowd of 1,282 persons filled the Scarsdale High School Auditorium.”

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Elizabeth Fideler '60 and her new book "Women Still at Work--Professionals Over Sixty and On the Job"

Elizabeth Freund Fideler, EdD (SHS Class of 1960) released her new book on older women in the workforce, Women Still at Work--Professionals Over Sixty and On the Job. It was published last month by Rowman & Littlefield. Elizabeth is a Research Fellow at the Sloan Center on Aging & Work at Boston College.   This is the Next Avenue blog about Elizabeth's new book.


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Nina Totenberg '62 Interviews Judge Scalia


Interviewing Scalia: Verbal Wrestling Match With A Master



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Europe Needs a German Marshall Plan - By Charles S. Maier (SHS 1956)

EUROPEAN leaders seemed to understand, at least until recently, that even a partial breakdown of the euro zone would have a devastating economic and political impact on departing countries and on the European Union as a whole. But while they have repeatedly committed to providing emergency aid, they haven’t yet accepted that saving the euro is more vital than clinging to the constraining rules that govern the European Central Bank. They are debating their future with a diminished sense of history and of the alternatives available to them. They should recall Secretary of State George C. Marshall’s grave warning, upon returning from Germany in early 1947: “The patient is sinking while the doctors deliberate.”

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How Holbrooke's (SHS '58) mission in Afghanistan was undercut/marginalized by the White House

Extracts from new book coming out with extensive material regarding bad treatment of Richard Holbrooke, SHS '58

Describes how Obama White House and its military advisors used every means available to undercut/marginalize Holbrooke's (SHS '58) mission in Afghanistan; only Hillary Clinton prevented his removal as special ambassador; not a pretty picture.



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A Vision for Urban Parks

Dan  Biederman (SHS '71) talks about his love of designing urban parks (including Bryant Park in Manhattan).

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Surprising? Stimulants Help People Be More Focused

Controversy over whether stimulants are harmful or beneficial to medical conditions like ADHD. 
Re: Alan Schwarz (Class of 1986)

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In a Flood Tide of Digital Data, an Ark Full of Books

Brewster Kahle (SHS '78) aims to preserve every book on this planet.

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Federal Appeals Court (O. Rogeriee Thompson - Class of 1969) Rules Against Governor Chafee

Federal appeals court rules against Chafee [O. Rogeriee Thompson]

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