SAA Scholarship Award


Scarsdale Alumni Scholarships, Inc. was incorporated October 2, 2002, in New York State as a not-for-profit organization to provide scholarships to graduates of Scarsdale High School and was subsequently granted tax-exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service.

The name of the Eric Rothschild SAA Scholarship Award is Scarsdale High School's Academic Excellence Award. The principal of Scarsdale High School, in consultation with the faculty awards committee, makes the selection based primarily upon academic excellence. Other factors which might be considered are financial need, the student's well-rounded participation in school and community activities, and other "gifted" qualities and talents of a student.

Alumni who have received the ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE AWARD are:

Tina Kunkin Schweid '94, Lehigh University '98, BA, Dean's List
Tova Piha '00, Washington University '04
Melody Chan '00, Yale University '05, summa cum laude
Adam Levine '01, Harvard University '05, BA. magna cum laude, and
Phi Beta Kappa
Maggie Wittlin '01, Yale University '05
Mariah Steele '02, Princeton University '06
Joanna Mattis '02, Yale University '06
Shoshana Rudnick '02, Ithaca College '06
Douglas Lieb '03, Harvard University '07
Shriram Harid '04, Princeton University '08
Brian Frommer '04, Duke University '08
Emma Coleman '05, Harvard University '09


How is the amount of the award determined?

The five directors of Scarsdale Alumni Scholarships, Inc, make the decision on the dollar amounts and the number of awards to be given. The awards are announced each May at the Academic Awards Evening. The total amount of awards given any year will vary depending on available funds. As donations increase, we expect to increase the size and/or number of awards.

Who are the Directors?

Ricardo Garcia '97 President
Eric Rothschild '54, Mr. Rothschild is the retired Head of the Social Studies Department at Scarsdale High School.
Bhavit Patel '00, Treasurer.
John Klemme, Principal of Scarsdale High School.

Is the scholarship awarded for 1 year or given for each succeeding year of college attendance?

The award is given one time just prior to graduation at the award program.

Can I have an award given in my name?

Presently all awards are given in the name of the Scarsdale Alumni Association and presented by an officer or director of the Association. Requests for substantial awards to be given in a donor's name or memory will be considered individually by the board.

Since the awards are only given in May, how is the fund invested to earn interest in periods between awards?

A percentage of the total funds are invested in CDs, Treasury Bonds, or other conservative investments.