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USC's Lindsay Gottlieb (SHS 1995) makes powerful point on men's college basketball

Diversity is easily thought of — and talked about — through the prism of identity, often through gender or race. USC women’s basketball head coach Lindsay Gottlieb thinks men’s college basketball programs can deliver better coaching to their players if they view diversity in a different way.

Speaking to Adrian Wojnarowski, Gottlieb very neatly made the point that diversity is not just a matter of gender or race; it’s a matter of life experience and giving human beings more ways of relating and connecting to each other.

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Why Aaron Sorkin Left The West Wing After Season 4

Aaron Sorkin (SHS 1979) parted ways with his political drama The West Wing in 2003 - here's why the fourth season of the show was the creator's last. After a spontaneous pitch during a meeting with producer John Wells in 1997, Sorkin's idea of a TV show centered on White House staff members became a possibility. The project was put on hold in light of the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal and concerns about an audience's ability to take a White House drama seriously, but NBC eventually gave it a green light, and the pilot episode of The West Wing premiered in 1999. Sorkin remained the show's principal writer and one of its executive producers until he left after season 4.

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Sugar23 Hires Author Douglas Rushkoff as a ‘Futurist in Residence’

Michael Sugar’s management and multimedia platform Sugar23 has added Douglas Rushkoff (SHS 1979) as “Futurist in Residence,” the company announced Tuesday.

In his new role, Rushkoff will serve as “sounding board and professor” for the firm, Sugar23 said in a statement. Rushkoff will help clients “who are looking to understand the greater contexts around what they are doing, to develop greater congruence between purpose and practice, or to develop a more rigorous approach to their work. Additionally, he will assist clients in understanding the changing shape of narrativity in the increasingly digital society, as well as helping them brainstorm on projects with specific story elements involving new or as-yet-uninvented technologies, future societies, or speculative scenarios.”

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To boost or not to boost — should a third shot be the next step in the fight against COVID?

In Both Sides Now, author and ethicist Leslie Cannold (SHS 1983) presents two sides of an argument and then it’s over to you: what do you think is true, and what do you think Cannold really believes?

Today: Israel is doing it, and the UK has started to give a third COVID “booster” shot too. As the Sydney and Melbourne lockdowns drag on -- and other cities teeter on the edge -- Australians want to know what can be done to put an end to outbreaks for good.

Yes: It's simple. An extra vaccine booster is the only way out of rolling lockdowns. If we don't want to continue slogging through intermittent outbreaks and oppressive restrictions, then the science suggests we need greater protection -- and fast. No: No one is protected until everyone is protected, and if wealthy nations use vaccine supplies that could be donated elsewhere, struggling countries won't be the only ones hurting -- it means a breeding ground for new variants.

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Texan Democrats have walked out on the democratic process. Are they justified?

In Both Sides Now, author and ethicist Leslie Cannold (SHS1983) presents two sides of an argument and then it’s over to you: what do you think is true, and what do you think Cannold really believes?

Today: Texan Democrats have walked out of the state legislature stalling a voter suppression bill. It’s clear they are passionate about what they're doing, and are sure they're right. But does that give the minority party the right to play silly buggers with the rules so the majority can’t pass laws?

Yes: Breaking the rules when it comes to voting is hard but necessary. No: Destroying democracy to defend it won’t work and isn’t right. It also makes you a hypocrite.

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Lindsay Gottlieb didn't plan on returning to college hoops

Lindsay Gottlieb went from an assistant coach with the Cleveland Cavaliers to the head basketball coach for USC women’s hoops in no time. In a shocking development that caught everybody off guard, Gottlieb and USC became a reality.

In a recent episode of the Woj Pod with ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Gottlieb touched on how she got the job and what led her back to the college realms. “I got a text message directly from the AD (Mike Bohm?), and he said, ‘Hey, Lindsay, we have a women’s coaching opening. And we’d love to talk to you…And that started a discussion, which put me on this path.”

That was the beginning for Gottlieb, who never envisioned returning to the college hoops world in any fashion before hearing from Bohn. However, the path was set, and things fell into place for her to take the job at USC.

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The largest and most valuable consumer group, Generation Z, is the most diverse demographic in U.S. history. Yet brands and agencies are still favoring the “total market” approach, while budgets for reaching BIPOC audiences remain small. So what does an inclusive strategy look like, especially as the social justice movement forces brands to wear their values on their sleeves, or risk consequences?

The virtual Ad Age Next: Multicultural Marketing conference on June 29 brought together industry leaders for panel discussions and one-on-one conversations focusing on how brands, agencies and other players in advertising are pushing others to rethink their approach to engaging different audiences and how this impacts creative, media buying and measurement.

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Both Sides Now Bo Burnham’s Inside is brilliant. It’s also a lie. Should you watch it?

In Both Sides Now, author and ethicist Leslie Cannold (SHS 1983) presents two sides of an argument and then it’s over to you: what do you think is true, and what do you think Cannold really believes?

Today: does the fact that US comedian and singer/songwriter Bo Burnham's special portrays some fairly significant inaccuracies mark it as dishonest, or even unwatchable?

Yes: The show's success lies in its truth and many fans were worried about the entertainer after watching. He should have been more honest. No: Simply put, no art has an obligation to accuracy.

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'Traditional media is facing some pretty tough headwinds': Engine Media's Tom Rogers

Tom Rogers, Executive Chairman of Engine Media, joined Yahoo Finance Live to break down his thoughts on traditional media and Engine Media's debut on the Nasdaq.

ADAM SHAPIRO: Engine Media, the chairman Tom Rogers-- executive chairman-- joining us right now. Congratulations. And we should point out, Brian Sozzi is here as well. Tom, a lot of our viewers may not be familiar with the fact that you used to be with TiVo, as well as NBC. So you are that perfect merger of-- I'm going to use old media and new. But I got to ask you, what does Engine Media do?

TOM ROGERS: Well, thanks for having me. Well, Engine Media is a gaming company and a media solutions company. We have three gaming businesses, three businesses that focus on programmatic advertising, influencer marketing, data and analytics related to live streaming. So it is really where gaming meets mobile meets sports meets e-sports meets social interactions, so very much a new media company but one that also can provide important new sources of revenue to traditional media.

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How To Gain Financial Freedom

In Going From Broke, Dan Rosensweig and his co-host Tonya Rapley help debtors become CEOs of their own lives. Rosensweig commits his company to fulfill the mission of putting students first by helping them save time and be smarter with both their education as well as their finances. This season, the series follows six new cast members as they take part in a groundbreaking experiment. During the six-week remote production of Season 2 Crackle will bring viewers inside the cast’s transformation process by airing footage in real-time while engaging viewers across social media to have important conversations about the relatable and timely issues around debt. The “real-time” segments are currently airing on Crackle and social media until the season premiere on May 20th. Going From Broke puts a spotlight on a financial epidemic occurring during the COVID-19 pandemic that has put so many people in financial stress due to unemployment and mounting debt.

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