Dan Rosensweig '79 Attacks the Cost of a College Education

Silicon Valley entrepreneur and Scarsdale Alum Daniel Rosenweig (Class of ’79) has spent the last few years as CEO of Chegg, working to improve student access to textbooks whose prices have skyrocketed over the last decade, and at the recent media leadership conference TheGrill, Dan got to share his company’s vision.  Read more here. 



Although Chegg is primarily a textbook lending company, Dan is looking for other ways to expand the firm so that he is better able to serve increasingly indebted college students. To meet this goal Chegg has acquired Zinch, which helps students and guidance counselors navigate the scholarship application process and CourseRank, which lets students share information on classes, professors, even a specific day’s class notes.

Before taking the position at Chegg, Dan was the President and CEO of the Guitar Hero division at Activision and the Chief Operating Officer at Yahoo, responsible for North American operations among other things. Now he is using his skills to help American college students who face rising costs and a weakened economy.

And there is no question that college students need help from someone like Dan. When discussing the financial problems that American college students face, Dan didn’t hold back, telling his audience, “we’re taking our best and brightest, and we’re screwing them.”

You can read more about Dan’s talk here.