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A Vision for Urban Parks

Dan  Biederman (SHS '71) talks about his love of designing urban parks (including Bryant Park in Manhattan).

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Surprising? Stimulants Help People Be More Focused

Controversy over whether stimulants are harmful or beneficial to medical conditions like ADHD. 
Re: Alan Schwarz (Class of 1986)

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In a Flood Tide of Digital Data, an Ark Full of Books

Brewster Kahle (SHS '78) aims to preserve every book on this planet.

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Federal Appeals Court (O. Rogeriee Thompson - Class of 1969) Rules Against Governor Chafee

Federal appeals court rules against Chafee [O. Rogeriee Thompson]

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Premier Business Conference Heads to Columbus

Earl "Butch" Graves Jr. (Class of 1980), CEO of Black Enterprise Announced Entrepreneurs Conference + Expo in Columbus 2013

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TIME's Jaw-Dropping Breast-Feeding Cover

The newsweekly's latest cover features a gangly 3-year-old boy latched onto his mother's breast, igniting debate over attachment parenting — and the image's propriety.  TIME managing editor Richard Stengel (Class of 1973) says the point of magazine covers is to catch people's attention.

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An Interview with Dan Biederman '71 (Parks and Recreation)

An interviewed Dan recently on current developments in public-private park partnerships—and he shared his insights on new trends in partnerships, projects and programs to steer clear of, and California’s budget-dictated state park sponsorships.




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Andrew R. Sorkin '95 interviews the Winklevoss Twins

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The Winklevoss Twins Are Now VCs: “We Think The Cloud Is Going To Be Huge” 


Brewster Kahle '78 Inducted to the Internet Hall of Fame

The Internet Society has created an Internet Hall of Fame to honor people who created and built the Internet. Among the first class of inductees were former Vice President Al Gore, Vint Cerf, Tim Berners-Lee, Mitchell Baker, and Brewster Kahle (Class of 1978).

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Limited Complimentary Invites to Private Art Event at the Ana Tzarev Gallery on Fifth Avenue

Alumnus' Private Art Event on Wednesday, March 28th.

Ambassador Simona Miculescu,  Representative of Romania to the United Nations
 First woman Ambassador in Romania’s diplomatic history 
Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, Co-founder of Gilt-Groupe; 
Innovative e-commerce company that has taken the luxury-ecommerce industry by storm
Heide Gardner, SVP and Chief Diversity Officer of Interpublic Group 
Donna Dabney, General Counsel of Alcoa Inc.

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