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Kaitlyn Davis´ (SHS ´04) Midnight Fire Book Series: ¨Ignite¨, ¨Simmer¨, ¨Blaze¨, and ¨Scorch¨

image3.jpegKaitlyn Davis, SHS class of '04, is a self-published author with four books in her Midnight Fire series: Ignite, Simmer, Blaze and Scorch, and currently about to launch her latest book entitled ¨The Shadow Soul¨.   Her books, especially the ¨Midnight Fire¨ series, are perfect for fans of Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer, offering fast-paced adventure, exciting twists, and otherworldly fantasy and mystique.


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Nancy Peters´ (SHS ´65) New Book: ¨10 Ways to Tell if It´s a Weed¨

image_2.jpegNancy Peters, class of 1965, has recently written her first book entitled ¨10 Ways to Tell if It´s a Weed¨, the go-to reference for identifying any and all weeds you might stumble upon in your gardening and landscaping life.  By answering the 10 questions provided in this book you will be able to zero in on whether a suspected plant is a weed, and, if it is, figure out if it is actually something you might want to keep!

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Joe Carpanzano's (SHS '68) New Book "Sins of the Father"

JD_book.jpgJoe Carpanzano (SHS '68) recently launched his latest book titled "Sins of the Father". This is the first book in a series with Jake Capra as the protagonist. In fact the second book in the series "On Common Ground" is at the editor's as we speak.

JD Carpanzano has spent a lifetime working closely with powerful politicians, captains of industry and the Intelligence community on war gaming, scenario analysis, viability examination and advanced infiltration practices. Having spent nearly 20 years working with Private Military Contractors and personally working closely with the precious gem industry all over the African continent and beyond, JD has brought the "been there, done that" flavor, aroma and yes the stench of political ambitions to you first hand.


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Article by Stacie from Scarsdale10583 on the Distinguished Alumni Awards

SAA_DA_photos10.jpgStacie M. Waldman from wrote a piece on our Distinguished Alumni Awards ceremony.



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Peter Gelfan's (SHS '64) New Book "Found Objects"

Peter_Gelfan.jpgPeter Gelfan (SHS' 64)  is a writer, screenwriter, and freelance book editor. He lives in New York City. Found Objects is his debut novel.

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The Offbeats (SHS alumni band of the 60's)

Offbeats1967.jpgOn May 4th, the Offbeats (SHS alumni band of the 60's) led their talent at the seventh annual Night of Rock fundraiser for the Scarsdale Teen Center (a.k.a. the Center @ 862). See: for a bit of rock history in Scarsdale.


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Richard Foreman (SHS '55) Un-Retires—Again

Richard Foreman (SHS '55) un-retires—again. 
The master of theatrical avant-gardism returns to the Public for Old-Fashioned Prostitutes (A True Romance)


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Lindsay Gottlieb (SHS '95) Coached the CA Women's Basketball Team to the First Final Four in Program History

Scarsdale High School graduate Lindsay Gottlieb (SHS '95) has coached the California women's basketball team to the first Final Four in program history.


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Chris Schroeder's (SHS '82) Book on the Startup Rising in the Middle East

christopher_m_schroeder(1).JPGDuring a 2010 regional conference of tech startups, entrepreneur and investor Schroeder (SHS '82) was surprised to find in Dubai a tech-centric, globally focused group of entrepreneurs, both male and female. Here, he paints a remarkable picture of the entrepreneurial shift going on in Dubai, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and other regions, discussing companies such as PayPal Middle East, Maktoob, and, as well as the growing emphasis on creativity in Egypt, ecosystem building in Saudi Arabia, and Google’s efforts across the region. 

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Gold Medalist In Our Midst!

Sharon Sobel Hernstadt, Class of 1956, bench press gold medalist!

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