Lindsay Gottlieb (SHS '95) Coached the CA Women's Basketball Team to the First Final Four in Program History

Scarsdale High School graduate Lindsay Gottlieb (SHS '95) has coached the California women's basketball team to the first Final Four in program history.


Gottlieb Carves Own Path of Success
By Michelle Smith

SPOKANE, Wash. -- Lindsay Gottlieb jokes that she is the "black sheep in her family." Except that nobody brags this much about the "black sheep."

In her father's courtroom in New York, the court reporters, officers, clerks, they all knew about Judge Stephen Gottlieb's daughter, the successful basketball coach.

In the hallways of New York University where Chris Gottlieb is a law professor, people always stop to ask how the Bears are doing.

"I'm sure anyone who has ever met my father knows what Lindsay does and how proud he is," Chris Gottlieb said of her little sister.

Law is the Gottlieb family business. Stephen Gottlieb is now retired after 19 years on the bench in Queens County. Chris Gottlieb is an adjunct professor of clinical law at NYU. Older brother Peter Gottlieb is a lawyer in New York. Sister Suzy broke the mold and became a veterinarian.

But youngest child Lindsay, the second-year Cal head coach, was always about basketball, even as she pulled the grades for an Ivy League education and talked as a kid about being a senator or a Supreme Court justice.

"Her sports obsession was always evident," Chris Gottlieb said. "She was smart and thoughtful and I think we all knew she would be successful, but it didn't occur to me, anyway, that it would be in sports. But maybe that's because I don't know anything about sports."

At 35, Lindsay Gottlieb qualifies as one of the best young coaches in the game after leading the Bears to their first share of the Pac-12 title, earning conference coach of the year honors along the way. No. 2 seed Cal earned its highest seed in the NCAA tournament and the Bears are preparing for Saturday night's match against LSU (ESPN2, 11:30 p.m. ET) in the Spokane Regional semifinals. A win would send Cal to the Elite Eight for the first time in school history.