Nancy Peters´ (SHS ´65) New Book: ¨10 Ways to Tell if It´s a Weed¨

image_2.jpegNancy Peters, class of 1965, has recently written her first book entitled ¨10 Ways to Tell if It´s a Weed¨, the go-to reference for identifying any and all weeds you might stumble upon in your gardening and landscaping life.  By answering the 10 questions provided in this book you will be able to zero in on whether a suspected plant is a weed, and, if it is, figure out if it is actually something you might want to keep!

"Nancy Peters," writes Weed Science Specialist, Dr. Andy Senesac," takes us on a delightfully informative guided tour into the remarkable world of weeds. She has created a stepwise guide that will allow you to get to know your plants better -- be they desirable or weedy. This book is a trove of information and lore about the most common plants we see--the ones we don't want! Weed it and reap!"  This guidebook is illustrated with color photographs throughout and also makes for splendid armchair reading.

According to Nancy, “10 Ways to Tell if it’s a Weed” is the first of four planned books in a series called “Weed Secrets Revealed”.  It focuses on how to decide if an unknown plant is a weed, how to understand what a weed’s presence indicates and how to deal with a weed effectively, sustainably and ORGANICALLY.  If we don’t weed, everything we try to grow faces overly stiff competition, but the use of chemical herbicides adds known perils to our world environment (and often doesn’t even work).

Keep an eye out for the rest of the books to come in this series, which will include:

“ 7 Strengths of Highly Effective Weeds, Volume II”

“Shooting the Messenger, Volume III”

“Organic Weeding Guide, Volume IV”

You can find ¨10 Ways to Tell if It´s a Weed¨ on the Scarsdale Alumni Bookshelf or at