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Alice Sachs Zimet´s Photography Collection Featured in Art+Auction

Screen_Shot_2014-03-08_at_6.51.53_AM.pngFormer SHS go-er Alice Sach Zimet and her extensive photography collection were featured in the February 2014 issue of Art+Auction in a beautiful, 7-page spread of Alice´s Art Deco-inspired home in Manhattan highlighting some of her prized pieces.  The 200 works that she has accumulated over the years are mostly in black and white, although there are several pieces with vibrant colors, such as Robert Capa’s revered 1948 image of Pablo Picasso shielding a promenading Françoise Gilot with a parasol.  Beyond the stunning and varied works she has collected over the years, of which many are featured and discussed within the Art+Auction piece, Zimet also sits on a number of boards and and is actively involved with the collections committees of the International Center of Photography and the Harvard Art Museums.

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Shirley Chisholm: Catalyst for Change (Westview Press), by Barbara Winslow (SHS ´63)

barbarawinslow.jpgIn Professor Barbara Winslow´s biography: Shirley Chisholm: Catalyst for Change, Westview Press, she explores the life of a trailblazing feminist who was the first African American woman elected to Congress, and the first African American and the first woman to run for the Democratic nomination for the US presidency.  In an article reviewing the book in the Brooklyn Paper, Winslow states “this is the first really scholarly biography of Chisholm, it’s a historic look at her life and accomplishments and relies on materials that have not been used before.”

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The Oxford Map Companion (Oxford University Press), by Patricia Seed (SHS ´67)

PatriciaSeed.jpgPatriciaSeed.jpgOxford University Press published The Oxford Map Companion, a collection of 100 maps accompanied by Historian Seed´s scholarly descriptions and commentary.  A third of these maps had never before been published, including a Hebrew constellation map from 1360.  The collection--which includes many never-before published maps--spans a broad spectrum of human time and cultural diversity.  It also features a wide range of map types from every continent, including stick charts, porcelain maps, maps created on sealskin, celestial maps, powder-horn and buckskin maps, silk "escape maps," radio maps, ordnance surveys, subway maps, and maps of the Internet.  

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Gerson Lehrman Group Social Impact Fellowship for 2014

GLG.png Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG) is the world’s largest membership for professional learning and expertise, partnering with organizations seeking targeted connections to insights by providing access to a global network of over 375,000  experts.  In 2013, GLG launched their Social Impact Fellows program, which leverages their global network and  services in support of innovative, high-impact nonprofits and social enterprises and their leaders. Zecki Dossal (SHS ´98), currently a SVP at GLG, shared a new component of this initiative with us -- a Fellowship-type program for small to mid-size nonprofits and social enterprises, an exciting opportunity for the right leader and the right organization.

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Elite Recognitions: Richard Kostelanetz (SHS ´58) in Milan

image6.jpgThe renowned publication, Artribune, of Italy conducted an interview with poet, writer, American avant-garde artist, critic and curator Richard Kostelanetz (SHS ´58), highlighting his latest project entitled ¨More Wordship¨ and exploring what drove its conception, as well as detailing other parts of Kostelanetz´s background: where he came from, his jump across the Atlantic to Europe and his future plans.   Readers beware: the article is in Italian, thus best-suited for the literary not-faint-of-heart and those with Google Translate on hand.

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Bolly Newquist´s (SHS ´43) Recently Published Book: ¨Secrets of Savvy Gals Who Have it All¨

image4.jpgBolly Newquist, or perhaps as you might know her under her pen name of Holly Nugent, published a book last June entitled ¨Secrets of Saavy Gals Who Have It All¨.  Newquist´s book explores the art of being a gal, explaining that it is only ¨when you learn its secrets [that] you become savvy [and that] when you put them into practice you become amazingly exceptional.¨ She goes on in further detail, explaining that once learning these secrets ¨you will learn exactly how to ooze charm with everyone, be at home in every setting, at ease in any conversation, totally self confident. You'll look fabulous and desirable always. You'll have zest for life, eager to share your delightful persona with friends old and new. Success in everything you do will follow, bringing you pride, happiness and contentment. You need to learn these secrets so the hopes of your heart can actually come true. Learn these rules. Use them to get what you want out of life. Yes, Savvy Gals do have it all and so can you! That is the remarkable promise this book offers you.¨ 

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Phyllis Joy Hammond (SHS ´45) Working on New Book Following ¨Traveling with Wildflowers from Newfoundland to Alaska¨

image5.jpgPhyllis Joy Hammond, class of 1945, published her first book entitled ¨Traveling with Wildflowers from Newfoundland to Alaska¨ in 1998.  From that book stemmed invitations to speak in Denali, Arkansas and St. John´s Botanical Gardens, among other places.


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Kaitlyn Davis´ (SHS ´04) Midnight Fire Book Series: ¨Ignite¨, ¨Simmer¨, ¨Blaze¨, and ¨Scorch¨

image3.jpegKaitlyn Davis, SHS class of '04, is a self-published author with four books in her Midnight Fire series: Ignite, Simmer, Blaze and Scorch, and currently about to launch her latest book entitled ¨The Shadow Soul¨.   Her books, especially the ¨Midnight Fire¨ series, are perfect for fans of Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer, offering fast-paced adventure, exciting twists, and otherworldly fantasy and mystique.


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Nancy Peters´ (SHS ´65) New Book: ¨10 Ways to Tell if It´s a Weed¨

image_2.jpegNancy Peters, class of 1965, has recently written her first book entitled ¨10 Ways to Tell if It´s a Weed¨, the go-to reference for identifying any and all weeds you might stumble upon in your gardening and landscaping life.  By answering the 10 questions provided in this book you will be able to zero in on whether a suspected plant is a weed, and, if it is, figure out if it is actually something you might want to keep!

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Joe Carpanzano's (SHS '68) New Book "Sins of the Father"

JD_book.jpgJoe Carpanzano (SHS '68) recently launched his latest book titled "Sins of the Father". This is the first book in a series with Jake Capra as the protagonist. In fact the second book in the series "On Common Ground" is at the editor's as we speak.

JD Carpanzano has spent a lifetime working closely with powerful politicians, captains of industry and the Intelligence community on war gaming, scenario analysis, viability examination and advanced infiltration practices. Having spent nearly 20 years working with Private Military Contractors and personally working closely with the precious gem industry all over the African continent and beyond, JD has brought the "been there, done that" flavor, aroma and yes the stench of political ambitions to you first hand.


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