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Thomas Ricks(SHS 1973) : Politics, as Seen from Aristotle to Trump

On January 5th, Thomas Koenig was joined by Thomas Ricks to discuss his latest book, First Principles: What America’s Founders Learned from the Greeks and Romans and How That Shaped Our Country. Mr. Ricks is a journalist and author specializing in military affairs and national security. He was part of Pulitzer Prize-winning teams at both The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post and is currently a Senior Fellow at the Center for a New American Security. In this interview with Mr. Koenig, Mr. Ricks discusses how ancient Roman and Greek philosophies can inform contemporary politics, how the Founders were influenced by these philosophies, and the policy changes he supports after having explored these ideas in First Principles. This interview was conducted one day prior to yesterday’s events at the United States Capitol.

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Gish Jen (SHS 1973) : A Writer in a Genre of Her Own

Gish Jen will discuss her newest book, The Resisters, at an online event sponsored by the Scarsdale Library, on Thursday night January 14 at 7:30 pm. Sign up here:

Some authors don’t fall neatly into a genre. Their books cannot fit tidily into a designated section of the bookstore or be catalogued as women’s fiction or immigrant literature. One such author is Gish Jen, who is not easily categorized as a person or as an author.

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Both Sides Now: Should Dan Andrews apologise for locking down Melbourne’s housing towers?

In Both Sides Now, author and ethicist Leslie Cannold (SHS 1983) presents two sides of an argument, and it’s up to you to decide what’s true.

Today: In December, the Victorian ombudsman found that citizens subjected to hard lockdown in Melbourne’s public housing towers had their human rights violated. Should the Andrews government apologise?

On July 4 last year, the Victorian government ordered residents of nine inner-Melbourne public housing towers to be detained, effective immediately.

The state, having been in lockdown with the rest of the country since March, had been enjoying the return of limited freedoms, before restrictions were reimposed to defeat what we now know would become a second wave.

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Fresh Air Weekend: Nina Totenberg (SHS 1962); 'Watchmen' Writer Cord Jefferson

Fresh Air Weekend highlights some of the best interviews and reviews from past weeks, and new program elements specially paced for weekends. Our weekend show emphasizes interviews with writers, filmmakers, actors and musicians, and often includes excerpts from live in-studio concerts. This week:

Nina Totenberg On Amy Coney Barrett, Anita Hill And Saying Goodbye To RBG: NPR's legal correspondent has spent decades covering major shifts in the Supreme Court. "Often, in the beginning, I was the only woman in the newsroom," Totenberg says.

Emmy-Winning 'Watchmen' Writer Explores Generational Trauma And Racism: The HBO show uses sci-fi and superheroes to examine American racism. Cord Jefferson wrote the episode in which the main character goes back in time and to relive the trauma of the 1921 Tulsa Massacre.

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Cavs’ Larry Nance Jr., Lindsay Gottlieb (SHS 1995) among those to congratulate Browns

So many of us Cleveland Cavaliers fans are big-time Cleveland Browns fans, too, clearly. One Cavs player in Larry Nance Jr. definitely is one of those Browns fans as well.

Nance, who continues to come on for the Wine and Gold, is a guy whose father, Larry Nance, was one of Cleveland’s best forwards in team history. Nance Sr., who was a two-time All-Star for Cleveland, and had his number retired by Cleveland, of which Jr. has switched to wear to commemorate him, though, is so beloved by Cavs fans.

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Thomas Ricks: New Book Examines How America's Founders Were Influenced by Classic Works

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and New York Times bestselling author Thomas E. Ricks discusses his new book about the founding fathers and their devotion to the ancient Greek and Roman classics. He wrote First Principles while a visiting fellow in history at Bowdoin College.

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What's Ivanka Trump's next move?

Exactly seven weeks from today, Donald Trump won't be President anymore. And likewise, his eldest daughter, Ivanka, will be out of a job.

See, Ivanka -- along with her husband, Jared Kushner -- have spent the last four years by her dad's side in Washington, emerging as major behind-the-scenes (and sometimes in front of them) players in the, um, tempestuous Trump administration. While Ivanka won't be working in the White House anymore, she's not going to just disappear.As The Washington Post's Jacqueline Alemany (SHS 2007)



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Nicole Eisenman and Keith Boadwee

The FLAG Art Foundation presents Nicole Eisenman (SHS 1983) and Keith Boadwee, on view December 12, 2020-March 13, 2021 on its 9th and 10th floors. The recipient of The Contemporary Austin’s 2020 Suzanne Deal Booth / FLAG Art Foundation Prize, Eisenman created thematically-linked solo exhibitions for The Contemporary (Sturm und Drang, on view at the museum in Austin, Texas, February 27-November 15, 2020) and FLAG. Eisenman expanded the exhibition at FLAG to include artist Keith Boadwee; their shared use of humor and critical observation questions both real and imagined power structures, upends art history, and lampoons notions of “good taste.”

Nicole Eisenman employs a plurality of styles and visual references in her drawings, paintings, and sculptures to give shape to the many forms of the human condition. At FLAG, Eisenman’s cast of characters are emblematic of the patriarchy—frat guys, paunchy businessmen, and bald eagles—the foundations of which she gleefully undermines through absurdity, caricature, and gallows humor. A concurrent exhibition of upwards of 250 abject drawings by Keith Boadwee dovetails with Eisenman’s presentation. Installed en masse, Boadwee’s works depict a near infinite variety of scatological scenes that assert one’s agency over their body, its functions, messiness, and pleasures.

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Douglas Rushkoff (SHS 1979) talks cyberpunks and Bitcoin with Isaac Morehouse on Streamanity

What was originally rumored at CoinGeek Live has finally happened, and is now live on Streamanity.

Crash Inc. CEO Isaac Morehouse and the cyberpunk, author, producer, podcaster, media theorist, and visionary Douglas Rushkoff got together to discuss a variety of topics exclusively on Streamanity.

Both Morehouse and Rushkoff participated in the “Social & Online Content Creators: Moving On-Chain to Make Money” panel on day two of CoinGeek Live. The panel explored the numerous ways that Bitcoin offers a better alternative to the current content creation outlets, as well as how content creators can move on-chain to make money in the digital era that we live in.

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Cleveland Cavaliers hire Greg Buckner as an assistant coach

The Cleveland Cavaliers seem to have a solid coaching staff at this point, when looking at their current situation heading into the 2020-21 season.

Assistant coaches such as Dan Geriot and Lindsay Gottlieb (SHS 1995) appear to have really aided Cleveland from a player development standpoint as key assistants for Cleveland, as well as Cavs director of player development/assistant coach Mike Gerrity.

And it seems to me that the Cavs have their long-term answer at head coach in J.B. Bickerstaff, who took over in that role post-All-Star break last season for John Beilein, who then stepped down from that role and has an unspecified role within the Cavaliers organization.

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