13 Leadership Lessons from Chegg President and CEO Dan Rosensweig ( SHS 1979)

My ongoing series in partnership with Entrepreneur, If I Knew Then: Leadership Lessons, sets the stage for a unique platform to host virtual fireside chats with high-profile CEOs of major brands, from Indeed and Nextdoor, to GoDaddy and DocuSign. These insightful sessions spotlight the minds of successful leaders as they share advice and lessons for both current and future entrepreneurs.

For our latest episode, I wanted to talk to one of Silicon Valley’s most influential CEOs about  how his company instantly scaled up to meet the exponential demand in business due to the pandemic. With universities closed and students forced to quickly adapt to online learning, I invited Chegg president and CEO Dan Rosensweig to share his knowledge. Since he took the role in 2010, the long-established textbook rental model has transformed into a leading direct-to-student online learning platform, resulting in 64 percent year-over-year revenue growth and 69 percent subscriber growth. Chegg is now worth $11 billion, with 4 million subscribers in 190 countries and a total of 252 million content views of Chegg Study.

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