Randal (Randy) Livingston (SHS 1971)

Business Leader, Led two companies through IPO, CFO of Stanford University

Alison Knowles (SHS 1951)

Guggenheim Fellow, Avant-Garde Renowned Artist

Jonathan Haidt (SHS 1981)

Leading Professor of Ethical Leadership, Author

Meredith Gavrin (SHS 1987)

Educator, Founder of New Haven Academy

George C. Branche, III, M.D. (SHS 1974)

Leader in the field of Sports Medicine - Association of Tennis Professionals Physician of the Year.

Greg Behrman (SHS 1994)

Henry Kissinger Fellow at Aspen Institute

Greg Behrman is the youngest of Scarsdale High School's Distinguished Alumni.      At first blush, he seemed to direct his substantial energies toward a successful political or financial career.  He graduated magna cum laude with a certificate in Economics and a BA in politics from Princeton University.  Later, he matriculated at Oxford University, securing a Master's Degree in International Relations.  After graduating from Princeton, Behrman was employed by Goldman Sachs & Co. in New York City.

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Earl Graves (SHS 1980)

CEO of Black Enterprise

Earl G, Graves, Jr, ("Butch") is President and Chief Operating Officer of the Earl G. Graves Publishing Company, publisher of Black Enterprise magazine.  In that role he has taken an already successful business and, since his appointment as President and COO in 1998, has steered his company through a decade of growth.  By 2005 Black Enterprise had a readership of over four million.  In addition, Graves created an equity investment fund where he serves as managing partner.

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Richard Stengel (SHS 1973)

Pres. of National Constitution Center & former Times Magazine Editor

It is a measure of Rick Stengel that it was almost impossible to characterize him in listing his areas of high ability noted herein.  Presently he is President and CEO of the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.  His remarkable talents were evident at Princeton University, from which he graduated magna cum laude, and in his selection as a Rhodes Scholar in 1977. 

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Laura Garwin (SHS 1973)

Dir. of Research at Bauer Center for Genomics at Harvard

Laura Garwin always seems to be knocking down walls.  Whether ending three quarters of a century of all-male Rhodes Scholars in 1977 or serving as Director of Research Affairs at Harvard University's Bauer Center for Genomics Research, Professor Garwin lives to end the artificial barriers that divide student from student and scientist from scientist.

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O. Rogeriee Thompson (SHS 1969)

Rhode Island Superior Court Judge

Ojetta Rogeriee Thompson was in the second group of STEP students to arrive at Scarsdale High School in the late 1960's. She was a strong student, and was admitted to Brown University in 1969. Again she succeeded academically, and in 1973 graduated from Brown with a B.A.  Boston University School of Law and a J.D. followed, and then employment with Thompson and Thompson where she rose to senior partner, specializing in Native American law, civil rights, personal injury, family and real estate law.

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