Ellen Weiss (SHS 1977)


Ellen Weiss’s quotation under her picture in Bandersnatch should be required reading for all Scarsdale High School students: “Being myself includes taking risks with myself, taking risks on new behavior, trying new ways of ‘being myself’ so that I can see how it is I want to be.” At Scarsdale High School Weiss combined a strong intellectual bent, modified by an athletic presence as captain of the girls’ basketball team. Then it was off to Smith with a B.A. in international relations.

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Tom Rogers (SHS 1972)


Tom Rogers is one of the most powerful media and business executives in the world.
His nomination for Distinguished Alumnus by Irving Sloan and the friendship between the two men speaks volumes. From the beginning Rogers, whose father graduated from Scarsdale High School in 1943, was a leader. He understood what made SHS tick and in 1972 was elected President of his class. I don’t know whether Rogers is proud of this moment in his administration or not, but the entertainment for his senior prom was Chubby Checker.

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Tom Ricks (SHS 1973)


Tom Ricks couldn’t be with us this morning. He’s just back from Iraq. He promised me that he would visit Scarsdale in the spring. I can’t wait to meet him. He has a delicious sense of humor. Our first exchange is a case in point. My e-mail first. “Tom, you have been nominated and then elected as one of this year’s Distinguished Alumni of Scarsdale High School. As a former teacher and student at SHS I couldn’t be more delighted.” This is what came back ten seconds later, “This is great. Maybe I can petition to get my GPA retroactively raised!”

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Kenneth Juster (SHS 1972)


The son of a fine Scarsdale High School history teacher and a successful architect, Ken Juster was marked for achievement. Even before arriving in college, Juster had, for his day, an extraordinary experience, living in Thailand as part of the AFS Program.

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Ross Greenburg (SHS 1973)


Ross Greenburg’s quote in the 1973 Bandersnatch says, “If ever you need a friend, don’t try to impress or be someone you are not. Either be yourself, or buy a dog.” Greenburg has taken his own advise. It worked.

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Gordon Gould (SHS 1937)


Gordon Gould is the first Distinguished Alumnus to be nominated by a Distinguished Alumnus. Roger Hull, President of Union College informed the committee that does such things that Gould had been honored by his college a year or so earlier and that surely his high school should be proud of him. We are.

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Bobby Goldwater (SHS 1970)


Bobby Goldwater turns Leo Durocher on his head. Nice guys can finish first.
A distant relative of Barry Goldwater and a 1974 graduate of Miami University of Ohio, Goldwater secured his first job at Madison Square Garden. Twenty-four years later he was still there with the title Vice President of Facilities Presentation.

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Virginia G. Drachman (SHS 1966)


Virginia Drachman began her career as a historian committing a historic act. As a senior, she led an action by high school women – her friends-- against the school dress code. The “girls” came to school wearing culottes instead of the approved skirt. The principal, Aaron Fink, knew when he was beaten and caved.

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Judy Cheng-Hopkins (SHS 1970)


The little poem under her senior picture that introduced Judy Cheng to the readers of the Bandersnatch said,

Life depends on nothing
But inevitability; pluck
Yourself fruit,
Let the field be seeded.

And so she did.

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Page Davis Bramley (SHS 1938)


Page Bramley was the spirit and flame of the Scarsdale Alumni Association. Following her elementary school years in Larchmont, White Plains and Hartsdale, the Davis family moved to Scarsdale where Page’s pep and energy led to the cheerleading squad. She planned on a professional career as a secretary, matriculating at Katherine Gibbs School in New York City. World War II intervened and Page signed on with the WAVES and was stationed in Washington, D.C.

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