Nancy Roth (SHS 1954)


After graduating from Scarsdale High School, Roth attended Oberlin College where she earned a B.A, .in Music. In 1977 she enrolled in the General Theological Seminary and received a Masters Degree in Divinity in 1981 with honors. That December she was ordained to the Episcopal Priesthood. While living in Scarsdale, Roth taught a generation of students the joys of dance and music. And once back in her beloved Oberlin, she turned to her pen and her love of learning to get ever more people involved in spirituality.

Today she travels widely as a retreat conductor and workshop leader, emphasizing “the relationship of Christian faith and ethics to environmental issues.”

The same themes mark much of her writing. Her most recent book, Grounded in Love, won the Nautilus Silver Award. Past winners of the Gold Award include Deepak Chopra and the Dalai Lama.