Why has there been an increase on the yearly dues?


Our new dues structure allow us to provide more dedicated attention to our supporting member’s requests. It also allows us to offer great additional and original benefits and products to our new members like a beautiful digital class directory and a newly limited edition t-shirt that they receive when then join us today. That said, the most important result from our dues restructuring has been achieving our goal of offering all the website features at no charge to all alumni. The online directory, once accessible only to our alumni members, is now completely accessible by all alumni. Without the financial support of alumni like you, we simply cannot operate.

Our change in dues also allow us to continue developing great new initiatives and adopting new technology that has, and will continue to reduce the time our volunteers spend in administrative tasks and enrich the level of community interaction.

We are here to better serve you. Under the current dues, we actually CAN and WILL be very helpful.