Tim Seymour is Optimistic About Europe

While there are some signs of a recovery in the US, there is still plenty of turmoil in Europe, with Greece and others threatening to drag the rest of the EU down with them in case of bankruptcy. Investors are worried that the blowback from a collapse in Europe would ruin the fragile American recovery, but Scarsdale alum Tim Seymour (Class of ’84) thinks these concerns are overblown.

He told CNBC that “Europe in recession is not Europe in implosion” in a recent article on the CNBC website. Even though the writers at CNBC think that Tim is in the minority, he has certainly earned the right to buck the accepted opinion.

Even if you don’t know Tim from Scarsdale, you have probably seen him on CNBC where he is one of the Fast Money traders, offering his opinion on the markets nearly every night, but he isn’t just a journalist giving his opinion. Tim runs a successful hedge fund that specializes in global markets.

In other words, when it comes to investing in Europe, or nearly anywhere else for that matter, Tim puts his money where his mouth is on a daily basis.

Before starting his own fund, Tim was a partner at Troika Dialog, Russia’s largest investment bank, and then founded Red Star Asset Management, a long/short hedge fund operating in Eastern Europe.

Now you can get his opinion at CNBC every day, and you can read the rest of the article on Europe’s markets here.