Three More Great Teachers are Retiring - Jacobson, Desoe and Wrobleski

Please submit your comments if you had any of them as teachers.

On April 19th at 8pm in rooms 170-72 the retirements of Bella Jacobson, Carol Desoe and Diane Wrobleski will be announced.  Julie Hoofnagle, SHS PTA President, will be giving a speech on behalf of parents, students and alumni.  Please share with Julie any comments that you would like to make about Ms. Jacobson, Ms. Desoe and Ms. Wrobleski.  The teachers will love to hear your comments.  Your input will make this meeting special for them. You can send your comments to [email protected].  

Please send your comments by April 9th, so that she can include them in her speech.   

Please feel free to forward this email to others that you may know that would like to make comments on behalf of the retiring staff. 

The alumni provided such wonderful comments for retiring teachers Arthur Bloom, Lynda Mandlawitz, Barbara Bierbauer and Stephen Sepe.  Due to the powerful storm that hit Scarsdale very hard recently, those retirement speeches have been moved to April 19th at 8pm in room 170-72.  Please feel free to join us that evening at the Board of Education meeting to hear all 7 retirement speeches and thank these wonderful staff for their years of service to the Scarsdale High School community.