The Wurzel Artistic Family and Pets by Wurzel '67

I have loved animals all my life…everything from hamsters to horses.  And I have loved art all my life…everything from watercolor to weaving. After nearly three decades as a psychologist, who always dabbled in animal art on the side, I have finally given myself over to pursuing my muses and my pets full-time.


My training as an artist has come in bits and pieces. As a child, I was always the artist in my classroom.  During my adolescent years at SHS, I had a part-time job working at Scarsdale Studio Workshop.  I was the art editor of Bandy during my senior year.  In college I experimented in classes both in studio art and in art history. More recently, I have taken classes in drawing, illustration, collage, watercolor, weaving, and oil painting at the New   Art  Center in Newton , Massachusetts , and at the Cambridge   Center for Adult Education. I have also taken semi-private lessons with master painter Marian Dioguardi (, and I am currently in a critique group with her.

As an adult I worked for over thirty years as a clinical psychologist, while raising three very artistic children along with my husband.  I always encouraged my children to follow their hearts in choosing their career paths.  My oldest daughter, Lanie, is now a visual artist who teaches drawing and painting at the University of New Hampshire

My second daughter, Hannah, works in film and television.  My son, Benja, is a college sophomore, who is passionate about the performing arts, including the dance form called popping.  In recent years, my children have "parented" me into following my life-long dream of becoming an artist.  So, I would have to say that is it largely to my children's credit that I am now a full-time artist.


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