The award-winning American writer, producer and director, Aaron Sorkin, turns 60 on Wednesday. From protests against the Vietnam War to an Olympic-class skier turned poker game host, no story has ever been too big or complex for Sorkin to handle.

He is Hollywood’s answer to Marmite – you either love his writing, or you hate it. Sorkin’s scriptwriting technique has never relented or altered over the years: ultimately, he loves a hero. Whether it is an underdog presidential candidate or a group of activists set to go to prison, he brings the hero to life on screen.

Turning 60 is a milestone, but Sorkin is no stranger to a celebration. From 2000-2003, he won an Emmy every year for The West Wing and an Oscar for Best Writing in 2011 for The Social Network. As the American Great embarks on the next decade of his life, here is a starter guide to his best work: