Peter Lengsfelder (SHS '64) has written his first novel, Beautiful to the Bone

PL_Headshot_Square.jpegPeter Lengsfelder (SHS '64) has written his first novel, Beautiful to the Bone. Beautiful to the Bone, is releasing on May 27 and will be available at all major retailers. 

PG LENGSFELDER (SHS ’64) began his writing career at 7 years old, co-editing a neighborhood newspaper with Annemarie, his next-door neighbor in Greenacres. His lifelong passion for writing and telling stories include co- authoring a best-selling nonfiction book (Filthy Rich, Ten Speed Press) and awards for storytelling on national television, NPR and in print, including 17 years as a television writer/director and 16 years consulting on themes and storylines for litigators telling their stories in courtrooms across the country. Beautiful to the Bone is his first novel.

His website is

Peter will be doing two readings/Q&A/book signings in Westchester in June:

  • Barnes & Noble (Central Ave, Yonkers, June 7, 7PM)
  • Anderson’s Book Shop (Larchmont, June 9, 6PM).

“Beautiful to the Bone’s themes of fantasy, magical realism, suspense, psychological drama and more . . . move the story along (with) a prickling sense of foreboding that travels across the pages.

The evolution of the characters and the strong, twisted and interesting plot . . . will appeal to all readers looking to get tangled in a murky drama . . . that will definitely stick with the reader after completion.”

Rating: 5 out of 5 (An amazing book; excellent writing, powerful story)


BeautifulToTheBone_FINAL_COVER_2.17.16.jpgWho can survive the siren call of beauty? When four-year old Eunis Kindsvatter leaves her Minnesota farmhouse for the very first

time, it’s because her mother drags her to a doctor . . .with the hope he’ll absolve her for Eunis’ face. It’s albino with a grotesque birthmark. “An unnaturally ugly thing,” according to Momma. Though the doctor finds nothing physically wrong, Eunis is kept isolated from the world, Momma filling her with tales of fearful gods, demons and prophecy.

Eunis begins to experience unpredictable hypersensitivity to people and places. She instinctively gravitates to water and to Freyja, the Norse goddess of beauty, Momma’s ideal. Determined to be of value, Eunis embarks on a journey to quantify beauty, to protect future generations from the pain she’s experienced, and someday “make everybody beautiful” —through science. But Eunis’ obsessive research into beauty draws her into a world of unreliable voices, unforeseen pleasures, dangers and death. In Beautiful to the Bone, Eunis must fight for her sanity and reconcile the gap between the science of beauty and the incalculable qualities that draw us to it.

“Rooting for Eunis isn’t difficult . . . it keeps readers curious about the protagonist’s next move . . . leading the narrative to places that one could hardly guess at the outset.”

-- Kirkus Reviews