Nancyann Gillis Sheridan (SHS '50)

Nancyann Gillis Sheridan was born on October 19, 1932, in New York City to Elsa Roelofsma Gillis and Joseph Francis Gillis, Jr., and raised in Scarsdale, New York.  Her mother was a dance teacher and an actress, and her father a lawyer who later purchased the old CBS building in New York, which Nancy managed for a time.  
    She attended Scarsdale High School, except for a year at the Wyoming Seminary boarding school in Pennsylvania, from which her father withdrew her because she was having too much fun.  (Nancy later sent both of her children to boarding schools.)  She graduated from Scarsdale High in 1950, and entered Simmons College, from which her father also withdrew her, for similar reasons.  In she 1952 graduated from Stephens College in Columbia Missouri with an associate’s degree, which her father considered sufficient for a woman.
She was active in the Charleston Place community in Boca Raton, Florida until 2019, when she moved to The Meridian at Boca Raton assisted living facility, where she died peacefully, after multiple brief illnesses, on September 14, 2021.  She is survived by one brother, two children, one niece, one step-niece, two nephews, two grandchildren, a soon to be granddaughter-in-law, one step-grandson, one step-great-granddaughter, one grand-niece, one step-grand-niece, and two grand-nephews, and a mixed short-hair Chihuahua shelter dog; one brother, a nephew, and a grandson predeceased her.