Nancy Roth ’54 is a Silver medal winner for the Nautilus Silver Award

Nancy Roth ’54 is a Silver medal winner for the Nautilus Silver Award for her book "Grounded in love"



Nancy Roth's  book : Grounded in Love: Ecology, Faith, and Action, is the winner of a Silver Medal from the Nautilus Book Awards. She is now eligible to win the Gold! The awards are for books that make "distinguished literary and heartfelt contributions to spiritual growth, conscious living, high-level wellness, green values, responsible leadership and positive social change." Previous award-winning authors include Deepak Chopra, Matthew Fox, Barbara Kingsolver, Naomi Wolf, and His Holiness the Dalai Lama.


Comments about the book Grounded in Love:

The crisis of the environment requires both faith and action. The Rev. Nancy Roth’s new book, rounded in Love: Ecology, Faith, and Action, argues that becoming aligned with truth rather than falsehood, altruism rather than selfishness, and action rather than passivity, is good for the soul and the environment. Her book is a hopeful challenge to people of faith called to respond to the crisis of the environment. It is a practical and personal guide to putting faith into action.
“Rev. Nancy Roth gets at the big questions here. Christians in our era will be judged by how they respond to the ecological crisis we now face.”—Bill McKibben, author of The Comforting Whirlwind: God, Job, and the Scale of Creation

“There is a language with which Earth’s creatures address God. This language is nocturnal and diurnal. It is blithe, polyphonous, frightening, beautiful, comical. It is fraught with choices leading to spiritual life or death. Nancy Roth has been meditating on the wild  language, and has heard  it in a way to help entire churches out of  darkness.”—David James Duncan, author of The River Why and God Laughs and Plays

“Nancy Roth crosses easily between the worlds of faith and reason. She does so as a woman uncompromising in her preservation of intuition, the arts and beauty.”—Sr. Miriam Therese MacGillis, Genesis Farm

“This immensely alluring book is a spiritual invitation into a deeper experience of intentional life.”—The Rt. Rev. Steven Charleston, President and Dean, Episcopal Divinity School