Mona Weiss (SHS '01) on the primetime ABC show Shark Tank

Dont miss Mona Weiss (SHS '01) appearance on the primetime ABC show Shark Tank on October 19th at 8pm EST. She will be pitching her company Eco Nuts to a panel of famous investors.  Eco Nuts is an eco friendly/organic cleaning company that packages with little to no plastic. 

Mona is a scientist, actress, model, comedian and an authority on all things truly eco. A graduate of Hampshire College, she has done wildlife rehabilitation, studied salamanders in western Massachusetts, discovered new species of micro spiders in the Costa Rican rainforest, and worked with leopards, lions, tigers and bears. She has been in movies and on TV since her debut on Sesame Street at age 5. A former animation artist, she has done much of the graphic arts for the company. Having suffered from a “normal detergent” allergy all her life as well as a sensitivity to dyes and fragrances, Mona is extremely discerning when it comes to products that touch her skin and has been very active in raising environmental awareness.  Mona often speaks at industry events and is the one who usually writes the Eco Nuts blog posts as well as those for Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media.