Karen Sloan (SHS 1973)

Journalist, War Correspondent

Karen Sloan began her journalism carrier earning a AB at Middlebury College and a masters degree in journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia.  Her first job with Associated Press (AP) was in Washington, D.C. where she served as a news editor and later as a newscaster.

Then she was sent overseas as a War Correspondent for AP Radio. In time, she covered most of the major events of the past thirty years including the fall of the Berlin Wall and the breakup of the Soviet Union, Tienamin, the Gulf War, Somalia, Kosovo, and both wars in Iraq..

She also had the pleasure of reporting on five Olympics and the duty of covering the life and death of Princess Diana.

The excitement of Sloan’s work can be almost heady. In her words, “My interviews and the sound my microphone gathers are used in the newscasts of 1,000 AP Network news affiliates, Broadcast News in Canada and American Forces Radio around the world. Thousands of other broadcast members benefit from the detail my reports add to copy on the broadcast wire.”

In 1991, the Overseas Press Club of America presented Sloan with its Citation for Excellence for her coverage of “The Failure of the Coup Against Gorbachev.” The same year she was honored with the AP Journalists Award for Best Reporting. Presently she is the European Radio Coordinator of the Associated Press, a position she has held for the past ten years.