How are the membership-dues used?


It is not cheap to run a successful alumni association (even one made up of volunteers!). The association requires $30,000 year to operate.

Without contributions from our alumni, quite simply, you would not have an alumni association from Scarsdale High School.

To give you a tangible idea of how the dues help the association, last year, the price tag of our new content management web platform was very hefty, and this was only one line in our budget allocation. Behind the scenes we have over 20 different vendors providing our technology needs: centralized servers, backup, webhosting, web-development, flash-development, database improvement services, payment processing services, Facebook Connect and Ads, web 2.0 application developer tools, software, online polling, remote chat support, Google Adwords, Skype Business, VoiceOverIP services etc. In addition to this, we have the standard budget lines: accounting, insurance, mailing, materials cost, office expenses, maintenance, events, etc. Furthermore, to ensure the continuous improvement of the association, there's always the need for additional funds.