Dr. Daniel Schacter (SHS 1970) On Walking Backwards

Are you a bit of a forgetful type? Do you regularly do the classic "I've put it down, but I can't remember exactly where?" Well you are absolutely not alone. Many people suffer from short-term memory loss so finding ways to tackle it is an important and a low key vital part of life. Low key as in, lower time spent looking for keys, am I right? Anyhow those bright scientific minds have been doing all the slog so you don't have to. A new study has found that walking backwards can improve your short-term memory.

Wow this brings a whole new meaning to "retracing your steps" doesn't it? Dr. Daniel Schacter, the William R. Kenan, Jr., Professor Of Psychology in the Department Of Psychology at Harvard University is the man to ask about all of this, and his analysis of the study for Harvard Health Watching is interesting. And he says that there is a chance that people link the act of going backwards with things that have happened in the past and that is what spurs on those mental cogs. As opposed to the actual physical action.

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