David Scobey Talks About Changes at The New School

Respected academic and Scarsdale alum David Scobey (class of '72) has recently overseen a major reorganization at the New School, combining the New School for General Studies and Milano The New School for Management and Urban Policy into the The New School for Public Engagement, a multi-disciplinary department that handles International Affairs, Foreign Languages, Media Studies and Creative Writing with a distinct hands-on approach.

Before he started working at The New School, David was a the founding director of the Arts of Citizenship program at the University of Michigan and the director of the Harward Center at Bates University, a center that focused on community-based that helps Bates students to engage in their community as part of their coursework.

David joined The New School in 2010 as Executive Dean of The New School for General Studies and Milano in 2010.

He explained in a recent interview that The New School for Public Engagement “is all about learning in action, learning that engages social issues, and different forms of culture-making around the world.”

You can read the rest of the interview here.