David's Wach's (1980) Award-Winning film on PBS (Dec. 15th)

David Wachs (1980) left SHS and went to Ithaca College and NYU film school.  He has gone on to win 17 international film and TV awards (including an Emmy).  

His recent award-winning documentary feature is “Holes In My Shoes”.  It is premiering this December 15th at 10pm on PBS WNET Thirteen.

It’s also now available on DVD in shops and on-line.  
You can see all about his new film at www.holesinmyshoes.com  The film will be distributed nationwide in 2010 and he is currently seeking national sponsorship for the film.  So, if you know a company that may be interested, he can be reached at [email protected] or through his company’s website –www.lrgmedia.net  

He now works and lives in England, near London (20 years).  David has directed a lot of children’s TV as a director for “Teletubbies”, for Nickelodeon, and the BBC.  

David has worked alongside Norman Jewison on David’s Showtime TV series “Picture Windows”.  He’s currently organising the Class of 80’s 30th reunion, which will be November 13, 2010 in White Plains.