Daniel Reingold (SHS 1972)


“Man is the only animal in the world that eats when he is not hungry, drinks when he is not thirsty, and makes love all the time.” Daniel Reingold’s quote in the 1972 Bandersnatch gives only a hint of his future endeavors. Reingold received a bachelor’s degree from Hobart College, a masters degree in social work from Columbia University and a law degree from Cardozo Law School. Reingold’s education and his considerable charm armed him to be America’s preeminent figure in the care of the elderly. Let me count the ways.

Since Reingold joined the Hebrew Home for the Aged twenty years ago he has removed all vestiges of institutional life, built New York State’s, first swimming pool designed for aquatic therapy and built a comprehensive elder abuse shelter.

His imagination in his field shows no limits. The Hebrew Home for the Aged is classified with the IRS as a museum. It holds over 4,500 pieces of art including Ben Shahn, Matisse, Warhol, and Chagall. With the cooperation of the New York City Department of Education, students who had problems in the past, study and work at the Home in what is called the HOPE Program. Finally, Reingold has arranged overseas trips to Israel for residents, including some in their 90’s. With fondness the journey is called “The Chutzpah Mission.” Can I sign up?