Craig Usher '05 Donates Sculpture to SHS

An extremely talented young artist who recently donated a sculpture to SHS

After finishing my BFA at SUNY Purchase, I was left in need of finding homes for the large abstract steel sculptures I had made while there.SHS is where I had first begun my official dive deep into art, working with Maria DeAngelis, who fostered my independent and stubborn spirit. 

I though, why not give something back to where I started and thought it would be an honor to have my work at Scarsdale High School. A place where minds are expanded, and creativity is nurtured.The sculpture is made of welded steel, and I created it basically by welding piece after piece of steel together to create the forms I had imagined. 

The piece stems out of this inspiration that every object in the world can become a kind of vessel of information. A person looks at a seemingly inanimate form and has a thought, and perhaps that thought is contained in that object and then reflected onto another person. Who is to say what happens to our thoughts when we think them, that perhaps they travel outside and carry on their own lives.  So the piece is a metaphorical satellite, or beacon, sending and receiving a world of information. 

I would say it took about one year to complete. It is no single thing to me, more like a journey, more of a  record of where I had been. You can see more of my work at my website, at

There are pieces up in front of Greenburgh Library, townhall, and Harts Park.