Class 1997-2005 Are we moving back to live in Westchester?

Last week, Ben Brody, a reporter for the Westchester Magazine reached out to me. He was interested to know if I could provide him with a percent estimate of young alumni that come back to live in Westchester 10-15 years following their high school graduation (Classes 1997-2005).

I asked Ben if he could elaborate on the focus of the request. He then proceeded to explain an interesting phenomenon:

“Westchester might be “squeezed from both sides,” i.e. losing its young population even as seniors retire in record numbers because of the draws of the city, such as its culture or job opportunities. At the same time, many people love living in Westchester for a variety of very good reasons, such as the quality of the schools or the space. All evidence — common sense, anecdotes, and the scant data — points to a trend with very serious implications for the future of this county, its structures, its make-up, etc., but it’s a trend we’ll need to understand before we can influence it, and right now we don’t have good data.” 


Ben needs our assistance in completing a five minute anonymous survey that not only will result in a story but also benefit the county. Moreover, it would be great to know how many of us are actually moving back.
The poll link is here:

Deadline: August 10th. 

The responses are anonymous. However, if you are interested in being in the magazine, you are welcome to leave your contact info and some background in the comments box on the last page. They certainly need voices for this piece and might very well be interested in highlighting certain projects that demonstrate trends.

Any additional questions, you may reach Ben at: [email protected]



  Ricardo Garcia-Amaya '97
Scarsdale Alumni Association 
Twitter: @RicardoGarciaAm