Blair Charles (SHS 1974)


Charles Blair lives by the principle pay it forward. According to Blair, his twin dreams were “to get out of the South,” and, at the same time, to return to the South as a doctor with a free clinic for the rural poor.

He took his first major step in achieving his dreams when he was selected as one of Scarsdale’s two STEP students in 1974. In Scarsdale, Blair lived with Hugh and Billie Jones. Their friendship continues to this day.

His efforts in Scarsdale paid off when Amherst College accepted him in its pre-med program. A year later he transferred to Alcorn State and finally to Meharry Medical College in Nashville, Tennessee. His post-graduate medical education was in the military where he received excellent training and assignments to South America and Germany. In June, 1990, Blair received the Army Commendation for Meritorious Service.

Back in North Carolina, Blair helped found the New Hope Community Health Center. For three years he doubled there as medical director. One of the community workers
there captured the impact of Dr. Blair, “God sent Dr. Blair to us in a time of need.”

So, Charles has lived his dream. He saw the world and he saved so many in his own community. That STEP played a part in this remarkable human being achieving so much is a special blessing