Are you the next President of the Scarsdale Alumni Association?

The SAA is looking for its next leader.

Ten years ago my mom walked up to a booth at the Scarsdale Village fair. The booth was attended by Page Bramley (SHS ‘38) and a couple of other volunteers. Page was the founder of the Scarsdale Alumni Association, she had started it 20 years earlier from Boca Raton, FL. She was 85 years-old but had the energy of a 30 year-old. She shared the mission of the organization with my mom, and hours following their exchange I learned that I had been volunteered on the spot.

At the time I was the founder of a technology consulting firm, so I volunteered my expertise to Page and the organization in all things tech - mostly automating the organization.

After a couple of years as a volunteer, Page asked me if I would be interested in leading the organization. In my late 20s in addition to running my company, I jumped at the opportunity to learn how to run a community of 24,000 highly talented fellow alumni.  I put my name down and with the support of the board, I was elected President.

Throughout these years, I was able to participate and lead many great initiatives, my favorite being the Distinguished Alumni Ceremony, working side-by-side with Mr. Rothschild (SHS ‘54) where we got to select, engage and meet 100 very accomplished alumni.

It has been a very valuable and joyful experience.

Today, it’s time to pass on this awesome opportunity to a fellow alumnus.

I plan to continue my support of the organization as a board member, onboarding the new president and supporting her/him for as long as she/he calls on me.


If you are interested in leading the community of 24,000 highly talented fellow alumni, reach out to [email protected]. Send her your Linkedin URL (or resume/bio) and she will provide you with more information on the role and setup an informational call.  

Or like my mom, feel free to volunteer someone on the spot! :)


The main qualifications:

  1. Must be an alumnus of SHS
  2. Time Requirements: 4-6 hours/month (the President has a Chief of Staff/Community Manager who carries out the administrative work)
  3. Labor Status: Retired, full-time or part-time (no students)
  4. Location: Anywhere in the world!
  5. Compensation: this is a volunteer position with a small stipend