Animator Zartosht Soltani Discusses His Work on Barbara Kopple’s New Documentary

Fans of powerful documentaries that use animation to tell some or part of their stories can look forward to screening Oscar-winning filmmaker Barbara Kopple’s latest work Desert One. In this fascinating look at the U.S. secret mission to free the hostages of the 1979 Iranian revolution, Kopple (American Dream, Shut Up & Sing!, Harlan County, USA) uses interviews with the likes of President Jimmy Carter, VP Walter Mondale and journalist Ted Koppel, archival footage and animation to bring this chapter of modern history to life. We had a chance to chat with the film’s New York-based animation director Zartosht Soltani (Fahrenheit 9/11, Hamilton’s America, Some Girls) about how he helped bring the acclaimed filmmaker’s vision to animated life.

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