Andrew Ross Sorkin (SHS 1995)


If only Andrew Ross Sorkin had written Too Big to Fail before the financial crash.
Of course that is asking a little much of a New York Times financial journalist. Instead, his readers can judge for themselves, listening to him on the Charlie Rose Show or on his appearances on CNBC.

Today, Sorkin still looks like a wunderkind. It's hard to square this 33 year-old with his reputation as a Wall Street shaker. Perhaps the answer lies in his career in Scarsdale High School. At 18, Sorkin decided he would do his senior options activity at the New York Times. The only problem was the steering committee had no contacts at the Times, and the Times had no policy for taking on high school interns. No matter.
Charm and energy won the day, that and the fact that Glenn Kramon, then the Times deputy business editor liked him and, coincidentally was a Scarsdale High School graduate, Class of 1971.