Amy (Berger) Certilman '82 on the Nate Berkus Show!!

A note of thanks from Amy (Berger) Certilman (SHS ’82)


Dear fellow classmates and SHS alumni,

I recently appeared as a special guest on the Nate Berkus Show discussing the benefits of jewelry redesign. The exposure has been incredible and has made me reflect upon my continued appreciation of being a Scarsdale Graduate. 

Long before Facebook I had a strong following of clients from Scarsdale. Many have continually provided support and encouragement for me to grow my business – whether hosting jewelry parties, sending and forwarding emails to their friends, and of course, most flattering, is when I am hired to help them with their jewelry and told that that working with me is like “having a sister in the jewelry business.”

Since Facebook and the launch of the Scarsdale Alumni fanpage as well as my class page, my circle of friends and connections from Scarsdale has increased dramatically. In recent months, my business has expanded beyond my wildest dreams – and a lot of that expansion was helped by support from SHS graduates. Support as simple as comments and “likes” on my fan page to client referrals and technical help on all levels. 

Stuart Singer, an estate jeweler and former “Scarsdalian” recently helped me land space in NYC. Brant Williams (SHS ’82) gave me advice about which of his portable scanners would best suit my business needs. A few months ago when I needed guidance about publicity, a mutual friend of my husband’s led me to a discussion with Tom Goodman (SHS ’72) only to realize we were both SHS Grads. Bob Busby (SHS ’77) and I are trying to find ways to collaborate and I continually share notes and tips with one of my oldest friends, Cecil Broderick (SHS ’82), as he too has recently launched a new business venture. And, if you Google my company (The Perfect Setting) and watch the clip from the Nate Show, you will see Susanna Feder (SHS ’82) and her grandmother’s jewelry front and center. It was our shared Scarsdale roots that led Susanna to my fan page on Facebook when she did not know where to go or who to trust to sell and redesign her inherited jewelry.

I would be remiss if I didn’t’ mention that former classmate and friend Jaime Certilman (’82) introduced me to my husband twenty-three years ago, that my father-in-law subsequently married Todd Adelman (’89) and Lauren Adelman’s (’92) mother, and that it was my sister Betsy (SHS ’80) who encouraged me to focus solely on my true passion of jewelry design.

Scarsdale has always been part of my extended family and forever will be my “hometown”. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication keeping us all connected!

All the best, 
Amy (Berger) Certilman  
SHS ‘82 

Amy is the Founder & President of The Perfect Setting. She lives on the North Shore of Long Island with her husband Lee, and two teenage sons Andrew and Reid. She can be found onFacebook and LinkedIn.