Alice Sachs Zimet´s Photography Collection Featured in Art+Auction

Screen_Shot_2014-03-08_at_6.51.53_AM.pngFormer SHS go-er Alice Sach Zimet and her extensive photography collection were featured in the February 2014 issue of Art+Auction in a beautiful, 7-page spread of Alice´s Art Deco-inspired home in Manhattan highlighting some of her prized pieces.  The 200 works that she has accumulated over the years are mostly in black and white, although there are several pieces with vibrant colors, such as Robert Capa’s revered 1948 image of Pablo Picasso shielding a promenading Françoise Gilot with a parasol.  Beyond the stunning and varied works she has collected over the years, of which many are featured and discussed within the Art+Auction piece, Zimet also sits on a number of boards and and is actively involved with the collections committees of the International Center of Photography and the Harvard Art Museums.

In Fact, Zimet sometimes runs her own place as a salon in the fashion of Mesdames Geoffrin or Récamier, with curators, museum directors, and gallerists buzzing in and out. she hosts dinners for the many boards on which she sits.  As a passionate educator of the arts, students from the International Center of Photography, the Camera Club of New York, and the graduate program in visual arts administration at New York University, who know her as a faculty member, are invited to observe how a serious collection is managed. Lessons begin with the works hanging outside Zimet’s front door, including Albrecht Tübke’s 2010 portrait of the patron herself, and continue throughout the residence, where works are hung salon style.  For further reading, please check out this article in the February 2014 issue of Art+Auction.