'Traditional media is facing some pretty tough headwinds': Engine Media's Tom Rogers

Tom Rogers, Executive Chairman of Engine Media, joined Yahoo Finance Live to break down his thoughts on traditional media and Engine Media's debut on the Nasdaq.

ADAM SHAPIRO: Engine Media, the chairman Tom Rogers-- executive chairman-- joining us right now. Congratulations. And we should point out, Brian Sozzi is here as well. Tom, a lot of our viewers may not be familiar with the fact that you used to be with TiVo, as well as NBC. So you are that perfect merger of-- I'm going to use old media and new. But I got to ask you, what does Engine Media do?

TOM ROGERS: Well, thanks for having me. Well, Engine Media is a gaming company and a media solutions company. We have three gaming businesses, three businesses that focus on programmatic advertising, influencer marketing, data and analytics related to live streaming. So it is really where gaming meets mobile meets sports meets e-sports meets social interactions, so very much a new media company but one that also can provide important new sources of revenue to traditional media.

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