To boost or not to boost — should a third shot be the next step in the fight against COVID?

In Both Sides Now, author and ethicist Leslie Cannold (SHS 1983) presents two sides of an argument and then it’s over to you: what do you think is true, and what do you think Cannold really believes?

Today: Israel is doing it, and the UK has started to give a third COVID “booster” shot too. As the Sydney and Melbourne lockdowns drag on -- and other cities teeter on the edge -- Australians want to know what can be done to put an end to outbreaks for good.

Yes: It's simple. An extra vaccine booster is the only way out of rolling lockdowns. If we don't want to continue slogging through intermittent outbreaks and oppressive restrictions, then the science suggests we need greater protection -- and fast. No: No one is protected until everyone is protected, and if wealthy nations use vaccine supplies that could be donated elsewhere, struggling countries won't be the only ones hurting -- it means a breeding ground for new variants.

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