Rosensweig Daniel (SHS 1979)


The Senior quote in Daniel Lee Rosensweig’s 1979 Bandersnatch set a high standard:
“Life itself can’t give me joy
Unless I really will it
Life just gives me time and space
It’s up to me to fill it.”

nd fill it he has. Beginning in Scarsdale and then at Hobart College, Rosensweig has carved out a career to be envied. Usually a nominee for the Distinguished Alumni
Award is put forward by one or two individuals. And that is fine. Rosensweig was nominated by nearly a dozen of his friends and classmates.

His early career was at Ziff-Davis where on the way up he took on a number of challenges culminating in his successful effort to take the company public. He also became the Publisher of PC Magazine, making a good magazine the leading computer magazine in the country.

Rosenzweig continued to “fill up time and space.” In 2000, following the merger of ZD Net and CNET, he became President of CNET Networks. In April, 2002, he was appointed Chief Operating Officer of Yahoo, a position he held until early August 2007, when he joined the Quadrangle Group, a media firm.

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