Review: Team Human by Douglas Rushkoff (SHS '79) - A manifesto for connecting personally in a tech-dominated world

Media theorist Douglas Rushkoff has a dark warning about the current state of society. In a world dominated by digital algorithms, he believes, people have lost the ability to think, connect and act constructively. We have become isolated from one another and repressed by technologies and institutions that control us, he fears. And, he argues, the solution requires nothing less than a remaking of modern life. 

n his book “Team Human,” he offer his manifesto for change. The book outlines how “autonomous technologies, runaway markets, and weaponized media have overturned civil society, paralyzing our ability to connect meaningfully, or act purposefully.” To change the tide, Rushkoff urges us to understand that “we cannot be fully human alone.” He contends that “the first step toward reversing our predicament is to recognize that being human is a team sport.”


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