Our Scarsdale DealBook columnist, Andrew Sorkin (SHS '95) picks his favorite business books to dive into as 2018 begins

03a5b68df879a012c438695d2a1f82cd--andrew-ross-sorkin-managing-money.jpg"This year has been a big one for business news...there are a handful of truly eye-opening business books that are worth your attention. As I do every year, I pored over dozens of books to identify several gems."

Perhaps the most illuminating business book of the year, for me, is Amy Goldstein’s “Janesville: An American Story.” If you really want to understand what’s going on in today’s real economy — beyond the headlines about new stock-market highs, tax policy or the latest list of billionaires — spend some time with this true tale of what happened in the middle-class town of Janesville, Wis., after General Motors closed a factory there.

Ms. Goldstein admirably shows all sides of this story, capturing in microcosm all of the issues that so many communities across the United States are facing. You will probably be left doing some hard thinking about what is driving the politics of the moment, although Ms. Goldstein brilliantly, and respectfully, paints the book’s characters with such nuance that readers from across the ideological spectrum are likely to arrive at different conclusions about heroes and villains.

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