Open Letter to NPR: Why Leave Nina Totenberg's (SHS 1962) Sister's Name Out of Your Story on MTG?

National Public Radio energetically reported on a left-wing attempt to cancel Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from the ballot in Georgia, and "a judge" who allowed their crusade to continue. But there was an ethical problem: The enabling judge's name was Amy Totenberg, the sister of NPR legal correspondent Nina Totenberg. Reports on Friday morning avoided the name entirely. I recorded and transcribed the Friday morning 9 am (Eastern) newscast

A judge in Georgia will question Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene about her involvement in the rally held before the deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol last year.    

A group of votersclaims Green helped facilitate the insurrection and that makes her ineligible to run for office. Greene has not been charged, and denounced the violence at the Capitol, but her incendiary and often false rhetoric against opponents has drawn criticism. Still, Georgia Public Broadcasting’s Stephen Fowler reports it is unlikely the voters’ complaint will force Greene out of the campaign. 

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