Blogs and News by Alumni

Tom Ricks '73
Pulitzer Award Winner - Special military correspondent, the Washington Post Author of Fiasco and The Gamble
Henry Fountain '72
New York Times
New York Times - DealBook
Edited by Andrew Sorkin '95
Ambassador Richard Holbrooke '58
Jonathan Handel, Esq. '78
Blogger for Huffington Post
Tim Seymour '84 on CNBC Video
Andrew Ross Sorkin '95 on MSNBC Video
Andres Garcia-Amaya '00 on CNBC Video
Global Strategist, Asset Management, JP Morgan Tovah Feldshuh '66 on Broadway Arts
Alan Schwarz '86
New York Times - Nominated for Pulitzer
Nina Totenberg '62
Award-Winning Legal Affairs Correspondent
Mara Liasson' 73
National Political Correspondent
Ricardo Garcia-Amaya '97
Huffington Post
Scarsdale News